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Q: Can you replace the hinge on an antique hutch?
A: Yes, if you can provide a sample piece, I can usually match it and age it.
Q: How small a job will you do?
A: I can do just about any small job.  It does get more cost effective if you group several items for the same trip.  Please see our checklist on the home page for other services you might need.
Q: What does “green” pest control mean? 
A: Examples of green pest control include physical barriers that keep mice and other pests from entering so that you don’t need to worry about using traps or poisons.  We have simple methods to keep woodpeckers from drilling holes in wood structures and to prevent groundhogs from digging under buildings or fences.
Q: What if I work during the day? 
A: We provide flexible options to suit your schedule.
Q: What if I need something done that is not on your list?
A: Just ask!  The list is just some of the services I can provide. If it’s something I can’t help you with, most of the time I can help you find someone who can.

Q: What kind of bicycle repair do you do?
A: I have worked on all kinds of bikes from discount bikes to antiques to high-end custom bikes.  I will tell you honestly what you need and if something is not working, I can tell you whether it is worth fixing or replacing.
Q: My mother lives alone and I need someone to do odd jobs for her.  I am nervous about sending someone to do work for her when I am not there but I work and it is hard to schedule work for her.  How can you help with that?
A: We are fully insured and have impeccable references.  If you have concerns, we can do the work in the evening or on a Saturday.   I went through a background check before I could participate in the “Big Brother, Big Sisters” program.  They trusted me to make a match with my “Little Brother” and I hope you and your mom will trust me too.
Q: What is your service area?

A: I prefer to stay within 20 miles of the Ottsville area.  That includes middle and upper Bucks County, Quakertown, Pennsburg, Sellersville, Perkasie, Doylestown, Bethlehem, Allentown and the surrounding areas. 

This is a sampling of questions that have been asked by our customers. If you have a question that would help others understand our services better, we will gladly add it to those below. Please address your questions to: Warren@WhiteKnightHomeServices.com. You will receive a prompt answer.
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