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On this page, you will see some of the requests White Knight Home Services has received for repairs and the results of those jobs.

CHALLENGE: The two level deck forced the guests to walk the length of the pool, down the stairs, and back the length of the pool, to get to the bar. Way too far to go for a drink!                                                                   

   Deck with bar    SOLUTION: Make a shortcut!! By cutting a hole in the railing and                                                                                adding a step, the trip to the bar is much shorter now!    


 Repaired window and door

CHALLENGE: Two rooms of different colors meet over the front door. The homeowner doesn't like how this looks so asked the White Knight for a solution.

                              Door topper before

SOLUTION: A wooden plaque for over the door, with a carved flower pattern matching the stained glass, was painted white to match the door frame.

       Carving flower design            Door topper ready

                              Door topper in place

CHALLENGE: The customer wanted a glass insert on a door leading to a home office.
SOLUTION: Using an old exterior door, the cut-out was made and the glass insert installed. Ta da!

Before & After glass insert on door
CHALLENGE:  A wall repair was needed because of a motorized wheelchair. The problem was going to continue because it was a narrow hallway leading to the bedroom. There was a 10" long hole above the baseboard and a long black rubber mark about 22" up. The challenge was to fix the wall in a way that would protect it from future damage, look good and not intrude on the already narrow space. The solution was to install a white fiberglass panel. The fiberglass is tough, thin, very washable, and resistant to both dents and scratches.

wheelchair damage     
CHALLENGE:  A two hundred year old house with a twenty year old addition that is two different levels and off camber where they meet. The threshold needed to also tie in the different look of slate tiles and wooden parquet.

    Maple threshold
"Warren, my compliments to you on the job well done at my home. I was very pleased with your work. My home is old and not always the easiest to repair. I was really impressed how tidy you are, and I did not have to hire a cleaning company to clean up the dirt and mess. This is always a plus in my book. I am sending some photos on the work that was done ."
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